Florence and The Machine - Howl


ok goodnight

Omg I forgot the homework so I looked some up on my phone and he said it was great

Two Door Cinema Club - Come Back Home


Two Door Cinema Club Come Back Home

When ur alone in graphics rip

me: hey maybe today's gonna be a good day
hair: no
family: no
school: no
life: no


eletra-heart I DIDNT MEAN TO REBLOG THAT BUT I thoguht she got on a different bus than me today and it turned out she just chose to ignore me on le bus I was like Um okay

hahahhaah it’s cool and I was going to kill her at lunch she kept going on about it„ it’s only cause she can’t do either of them Sooo

This “friend” of mine keeps talking about have pe and art aren’t important subjects .what.


what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

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