there’s unionist no thugs on the way to dundee. we’re having to takedown all our pro-independence stuff.

please please PLEASE spread this information. it is terrifying to live in scotland right now.


Please please please keep trying to raise awareness of what’s happening in Glasgow
The media isn’t covering it, it’s been biased against Yes since the beginning and will try to twist this so it doesn’t make it look that bad


Sky news just spoke to a reporter in Glasgow and had to cut the live thread because he was attacked and shouted at by no voters, waving the British flag, doing nazi salutes and burning the saltire.

I kinda guessed their would be fights whether it was a yes or no vote but nothing like this


its not safe to wear a yes badge in Glasgow tonight, someone has been stabbed and there are literal fascists flooding our streets. the English defence league and orange order are in George square giving nazi salutes and burning Scottish flags. this is what it’s come to a day after the vote, a day after a no vote happening. stay safe all of you.

I’m not exercising at 9 in the morning tomorrow. Leave



members of the orange order have been in george square since this afternoon, picking fights with independence supporters who have been doing nothing but holding peaceful rallies for the past few days

i’ve heard unconfirmed reports of…


To all my Glasgow friends: avoid George Square tonight. It’s all kicking off between Yes and No voters. Stay safe. 

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